Philosophy & Objective

The production process the Delta Plast group Team going from the Chairman to the simple laborer is all part of a unique and integrated system that operates at full efficiency and capacity, to bring out the final product in the best quality.

The secret of our success is the teamwork.  We are honored to be one of the few companies worldwide that has a dedicated 24-hour staff , to ensure that the production system operates effectively.
Technicians , financial and market experts, they all know that they are part of this truly united family called Delta Plast group.

How we achieve that in Delta Plast group?
We produce we pack and we ship
Delta Plast group is unique in that particular aspect.We buy the polypropylene resins and transform it into films, and then we cut these films into stripes.
, we cut these films are loomed , cut , and printed , then delivered to the customer.Delta Plast group is responsible of all these production stages.

Production Line

The total factory area is 26,000 square meters in the biggest industrial city 6th of October city in Giza , Egypt . Near By the Pyramids.
The Factory is well installed with the Best Machines from Europe by Starling Company. The Total Working Hours is 24 hours with 750 workers working in three shifts per day.


Delta Plast group continuously observes the newest trends and latest technology involving the woven bags industry. We constantly update our processing stations and employ the plastic industry state-of-the art industrial equipment and machinery in addition to highly trained laborers and professional administrators.
The labor system employed at Delta Plast group is distinguished by applying the technical and sanitary provisions required for the best quality.

Local Market

Our share for local market is about 25% from the total consumption of the demand from polypropylene bags we serve all the following :

  • wheat milling packing
  • all fertilizers factory
  •  all animal feed factory
  • packing of all agriculture seeds
  • all the chemical manufacturing companies
  • all petrochemicals .

a well trained and very qualified skill staff leading the local market success story


Our company’s export markets include various European Countries such as England, Germany, France, Italy and many Arab Countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Bahrain, Sudan , Palestine and Lebanon.

We have our ISO 9002-1994 Certificate from CRS REGISTRARS, INC.
Certifies the Quality Management System
Certification Date: 27/7/1999